Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mama said there'd be days like this

I have not seen the inside of the gym for far too long, and have hit snooze for the past three mornings instead of getting out of bed to go running. Add that to copious amounts of peanut butter cups and a stressful week at work, and I was ready to do something about it. Tonight, I had the brilliant idea to feed Liam, eat lightly myself, and then take him out running in the stroller. It's not too hot, I got home at a decent time, etc. All went well until we were just about as far from home as I usually get, and that's when I noticed that the stroller was getting awfully hard to push and was lopsided and going clunk-clunk-clunk. I pulled over into a parking lot and sure enough, one of the tires was flat. Luckily I had the pump in the basket, and Liam laughed his head off when he saw me exerting more energy with the pump than I had done in running the past few kms to where we were. With the tire reinflated we were set to go - and we got about another block before I heard the clunk-clunk-clunk again. Yup... the tire is toast. We walked the rest of the way home, me trying to take some of the weight off the flat tire so as not to ruin the rim. It could have been worse; it started raining when we were about five houses from home, and it's currently pouring. We have a veritable mountain of product warranties and owner's manuals related to all things baby, and that includes the stroller. Thank goodness we saved them! Unfortch, the stroller is no longer under warranty, and from what I can gather it's going to cost $12 for a new tire and $15 for the shipping - how backwards is that? - that is, if they still make them. I will call tomorrow to find out. We'll be without a stroller this weekend... and you don't realize just how much you rely on it until it's gone... anyway, methinks it may be time to break out the baby backpack. Hope Liam's ready to take a hike.


megan said...

What is it with you and the wheels on strollers? I have managed to own 3 and never have that happen.

What type of graphics program is needed to digiscrap? I have down loaded the kits but cannot figure out how to do anything with them.

Carrie said...

I know - that's two strollers in two months! But, I'd also be willing to be that there are more miles logged on our stroller than there are on most after 14 months of use. Liam gets a lot of stroller time!

I use Photoshop Elements. If you have $1000 to spare, you could get the full-fledged Photoshop. You can also use Paint Shop Pro... there's probably a bunch more. What do you use for photo editing?