Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Man of the house

Chad is on a business trip this week. Again, don't fret that he is spending long hours working his fingers to the bone; rather, he is on the Black Fly Tour, spending a day this week golfing in each of the Soo, Timmins, Sudbury and North Bay (Thunder Bay? - whatever). I am on my own with Liam, trying to muddle through. Normally this would not be much of a problem - exhausting, yes, but a problem, no - except that the stars are all aligning this week to make it a busy one. It would be enough to be doing the daycare dropoff and pickup on my own each day, which puts me in the office for less than the required number of hours and therefore I should be taking my computer home at night to get some stuff done. I also had a dentist appointment to contend with yesterday. Today, as I write (still at home, yes, at 9 a.m.), there is a plumber in my basement replacing the sump pump that quit on the weekend. This is quite a big deal when you realize that our wash empties into the sump (the joys of old-house plumbing) and I've been unable to do any laundry since Saturday. Liam is beginning to run out of stuff to wear. Not only is the plumber downstairs, sawing pipes, but there is also a crew jackhammering the remains of the tile off our front porch in an effort to get it fixed up once and for all. Rather than surfing the web right now, I am supposed to be working on an assignment I have due at the end of the week for the course I'm taking; really wishing right now that I had picked up a couple of extra courses seven years ago so that I wouldn't be stuck with this ridiculousness now. Live and learn.