Saturday, June 17, 2006

Me do it!

Liam is not speaking this phrase out loud, but I'm sure it's what he's thinking. For fourteen months I have been able to dictate when and what he eats, wears, and does (well, to some extent)... and it's all coming to an end. He's decided that he is sick of being my 'property' and is turning the tables and starting to impose his own views on me. Case in point: he no longer wants to be spoon-fed. He still wants to eat foods that arrive on a spoon, but he wants to do it himself. Part of me wants to cheer that he has made the connection that he can perform this task himself, but that part of me is nowhere to be found when it is 7 a.m. and I have to be out the door to work in 15 minutes... because mornings when he feeds himself, he usually winds up needing a clothes change and a sponge-bath on the head before being presentable at day care. Lately I have been easing him off the infant cereal and onto the waffles and toast. Pick your battles, right?

PS -- within 48 hours of posting the photo of Liam and the snow globe, he had broken it. Live and learn. Off to eBay to find another.


Mandy said...

We're big fans of making a big batch of pancakes on Sunday to be eaten throughout the week.