Monday, June 05, 2006


Yesterday we were in Blenheim/Erieau for the 'Trot to the Beach'. It was a surprisingly big race for our small community; thank goodness that the online registration, which only showed about 12 runners and 3 cyclists the night before the race, was obviously not up-to-date. Chad ran the 1/2 marathon and I biked the same course with Liam in tow. This proved not to be very smart, as Liam started whining before 4 km and was outright crying by about 15. I finished the last 6 km of the race by stopping at every water station to ply him with goldfish crackers and apple juice. The ambulance even stopped by to check on us and make sure all was well. He put on quite a show, but all was quickly forgotten at the finish line, where he got a medal for finishing and it was all-you-can-eat hot dogs. His first taste of hot dog, and it seemed to go over well. He enjoyed practising his walking on the sand dunes while waiting for Chad to finish, and then a trip down to the waterfront... too bad it was far too cold to go for a post-race swim. Today I am quite sore. I am not in the shape I used to be, and when you add a 30-pound load to the back of my bike (between Liam and the seat)... yowza.