Monday, June 26, 2006

Redemption, sort of

When Chad was a kid, he had an incident with the duck pond at the Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary. I can't remember the details of the incident well enough to repeat them here, but I believe Chad spent most of a field trip soaking wet, and to this day he doesn't care very much for either ducks or ponds, and certainly not a combination of the two. It was with some trepidation, then, that I took Liam down to see the ducks in Stratford (along with Steph and Kelly and their kiddos in tow) - would history repeat itself? I'm happy to report that it did not. In fact, Liam seems to have fostered some sort of kinship with the ducks. While the rest of us were content to chuck pieces of bread at the ducks en masse and let them squabble amongst themselves to determine the winner, Liam took the individual hand-feeding approach, fearlessly oblivious to the possibility of being pecked to death. I think the ducks appreciated the effort.


megan said...

Be careful! I once took Eve and Audrey down to mud creek to feed the ducks and Eve wasn't handing over the bread fast enough so a brave one came up and pecked it right out of her hand. It pinched her littler finger on the way.

For such an animal lover Chad has a lot of issues with them.