Friday, June 02, 2006

There's always something

In the past day or two, Liam's teeth have been bothering him less, which is a welcome relief but also a cruel trick, because they are still down there in his gums somewhere and they have to come out sometime; I just wish it had already happened. While he was so miserable on account of his teeth, he had taken to wanting to be carried everywhere; but now he is back in full walking mode, and don't you dare interfere with him or try to help him, or you will endure his wrath. Alas, he is still not as a good a walker as he thinks he is, as evidenced this morning in a round of Head vs. Doorframe. The picture doesn't really do it justice; it is a four-inch-long, red and purple monstrosity that got us some good looks when we took him out for a walk this morning. The only good thing about it is that it is too straight and symmetrical a mark to have arisen from a human being - it isn't our fault, I swear.


Mandy said...

I can totally relate. In a 24 hour period we had 4 grudge matches.

#1 Emily vs the side of the coffee table, below the padding we put on the dangerous edge. Massive bruise on left cheek.

#2 Emily vs FP Learning Piggy Bank she insists on carrying around the house. Silver dollar size bruise on Right forehead.

#3 Emily vs gravity, leaning forward to far while walking and big head causes her to stumble forward. Bruise on left side of forehead AND grass stain (which did wash off).

#4 Emily vs dad's leg, ran right into it and catapaulted toward previously mentioned coffee table. Small blue bruise, guess where? Right cheek.