Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nothing a bit of money can't fix

I caved today and bought a new camera. Not exactly in the budget for my year off work, but... not exactly something I am happy living without, either. Canon confirmed that it would take up to two months to repair the old one, and refused to give me a quote to fix it over the phone. I then went down to my local camera shop, where the dealer had nothing used in digital, no offer to help, and he told me that spending $300 to fix my old camera would bring its value up to $200. Wha?? Anyway, I found a factory-refurbished Rebel XT for $499 and bit the bullet. It has a one-year warranty and is one release newer than my old camera. Best of all, it should be here tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. I figure as long as it works well for me for the next several months I will be happy... and if and when I upgrade, I will definitely keep it around as a backup camera for times like these!

So... anyone want a broken Digital Rebel? :)

My shutter-button finger is seriously itchy after not getting its usual workout today... I did take some video footage of Mallory in the exersaucer, but seriously, it's stuff only a mother could love. Not exactly Oscar calibre material! Still... feeling very lucky to have the vidcam handy!

Here are some of the last photos I took with Old Faithful: from the annual bocce tourney at Cory and Megan's this past weekend. Megan's having technical issues of her own and can't get her photos uploaded, so here are some of my pics to share. (Yes, it was a mixed event; it just so happens that most of my pics are of the women... Mal included!!)


megan said...

I LOVE the shot of Carolyn, I will be needing one of those for my wall.
I just realized that I had the exact same cold sore last year for Canada Day. You couldn't photo shop that out huh?

Dana said...

Very very cute of Mallory and so much like Chad.