Monday, June 23, 2008

Making progress

Welcome to our garage! This is what it looks like right now: stuffed to the roof with lighting fixtures, sinks, towel bars, moving boxes... you name it. If we have any more damaging storms around here, you can bet I'll be more worried about this garage than I am about the current house. We have a lot of $$ tied up in there.We made a trip to the new house on Friday night. The bricking is done and they finished off by putting in our number stone dead last. How do you like our little sunburst? Frankly, I am not crazy about it, and we tried to get out of including it. The developer supplies these stones to all the houses in his developments and he didn't return our calls to discuss it. I guess it was not negotiable. Could have been worse though; some of his developments have uglier iconography than a setting sun.We finally have proper columns supporting our portico, instead of a couple of 2x4s hastily shoved underneath to keep it propped up. I feel a lot safer using the front door now!Here's the full front exterior. We still need eavestrough, shutters, and a copper/metal roof on the portico. (And a lawn and a driveway, but I think those things are still a ways off.)Inside, the drywall is pretty much done... maybe some final touch-ups/sanding, but otherwise complete. Back view - the back patio pillar got bricked on Friday as well. Mallory likes running up and down the hill, saying "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" the whole way... ...Liam would rather hang out at the water at the bottom of the hill.He made friends with one of the resident herons on Friday. Given his love of birds, it's going to be tough keeping him away from the creek.