Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Minutes before his big face plant

Last night we got a walloping spring storm that dumped a whole truckload of hail in the area. I don't think I've ever seen hail in the 17+ years that I have lived here, so it was kind of unnerving. When Chad was finishing his Shore to Shore run a few weeks ago, and we went to pick him up from the last leg of it, we encountered a hailstorm there; but that hail was small enough that there were still runners on the course, though if I'd been them I would have jumped into the sag vehicle, pronto. Anyway, that was up by the lake and we can always shrug off the weather they get with a What do you expect? - it's lake-effect excuse. Around these parts, we don't expect anything nearly so wild.

The hail we got at home last night was limited to some golfball-sized pieces that were noisy as all heck coming down, and confused Liam to no end, but the car roof remains undented and the windshield uncracked, so we wrote it off as a mildly bemusing non-event in the grand scheme of things. Then I read the paper this morning, and saw that just a few minutes across town, the hail was baseball-sized. And then it hit me - ack! - that just across town is also where the new house is located.

It's been a few days since we've been on the premises, so for sure this warrants a visit today, to scope for damage as well as progress. Our Sun Tunnels were installed last week, and we're hoping they survived the pounding.


Dawn said...

We have Po from Kung Fu Panda too! And let me tell you, don't tell the boys, but I want to drown him in the bathtub.........if I hear his HIIIIIIIIIYAAAAHHHHHHH one more time I am going to shoot myself.

HOpe the new house weathered the storm!

Mandy said...

I hope the new house is unharmed!!