Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another progress report

Are you sick of seeing house shots yet? I would not say that I am sick of building a house, exactly, but I am about ready for it to be done. We will have soooo much spare time on our hands when this is all behind us and we are no longer making multiple trips to the site, to the plumber's, to buy yet more light bulbs... Granted, we will have months of unpacking to attend to, but at least we can do that in the comfort of our own home rather than hauling around town to do it!

Yesterday they put up the subdivision sign on the island in front of our house. They had installed the pillars late last year, without the signage in the middle, and then a snowplow accidentally wiped the left hand side of it out. There was a pile of rubble for a while and now, finally, new pillars, the sign and landscaping. And you know what... it's not nearly the eyesore I was expecting it to be.More Marmoleum! The baths are both done in sheet Marmoleum, and they are done now. The floor installer just began doing the mudroom/powder room last night. Chad stopped by just as he was starting and he actually told Chad our floor was going to be ugly. To each their own I guess.Liam was sooooo excited when the ceiling fan went up in his bedroom, and the carpet was installed yesterday, too. When we stopped by the house last night, we found the upstairs to be unbearably hot. The A/C went in last week so it was puzzling (and disappointing - our current (old) house has a temperature discrepency like that from the first floor to the second, and it's one of the things we're looking forward to putting behind us when we move) to find it so stuffy upstairs - until we discovered that the carpet had gone right over the air registers, and holes were not cut for them yet. Thank goodness it's only a temporary situation!Mallory got her pretty little chandelier installed... no ceiling fan for her. If it is suffocatingly hot in her room, I will consider swapping it out, but like I said - it's a new house, and I expect the heating and cooling systems to be a little more efficient than what we are living with now.Friendly Mr. Heron was back last night. He likes to hang out on the drain pipe (which projects into the creek) that you can see out the back of the house. He's really good at plucking goldfish out of the creek. Yep - goldfish. We see him with them in his beak. How on earth there are that many domestic fish in a natural creek is beyond me - are people mistakenly flushing that many live goldfish down their toilets??When I walked in the door after work last night, Liam looked up at me and said, "It's open." You know what he was referring to, right?Yep, the new ice cream place - which is called Twirlee's, as it turns out. We stopped in on our way home. I didn't find it all that great - thank goodness - one less temptation to deal with.


megan said...

I wouldn't worry about what the flooring guy says (like you were :)) I think your floors are super cool!

Anonymous said...

love the chandelier- aunt sue