Monday, July 14, 2008

Another weekend down

Another blink of an eye, and three more days are gone. I swear, I don't know where the summer is going. Late last week I was putting something into my calendar at work, and saw that this past weekend was the only one we did not have plans for from now until after Labour Day. So we made an impromptu decision to take the kids to Storybook Gardens on Friday, since we had the day off and the weather was good. We slept in as much as the kids would let us and then set out, which got us there about 20 minutes after the gates opened. A little less than four hours later, we had visited the seal exhibit and on-site farm numerous times, ridden on the carousel and train, soaked ourselves on the splash pad and climbed over every piece of play equipment on the premises. Mallory fell asleep on the train ride and did not even wake up as she was buckled into her car seat. Liam requested a movie to watch on the way home so we told him he could have one once we hit the highway - and as we suspected - he wasn't able to stay awake that long, either.

On Saturday, Liam requested a stay-at-home day, which had us scratching our heads trying to come up with some things for the kids to do that did not involve plunking them in front of the TV (more on that later) and then yesterday I made a trip up to the Grand Bend flea market while Chad took the kids out to visit Gramma and Grampa at the trailer. Sadly I think Chad and the kids got the better end of that deal. Despite being widely touted as an antiques-type flea market (I was picturing Aberfoyle in my mind), it was really more of a selling-junk-out-of-the-trunk-of-your-car type flea market. There was a small antiques section, but not nearly as big as I'd hoped for. I did wind up with a yummy cherry pie, but it actually came from a bakery that's not even 5 minutes from my house. So why I drove 1.5 hours (each way) to buy it is beyond me.


megan said...

Has Liam been wearing the same bathng suit since he was born? Mal's hair is super cute!

Carrie said...

Not since he was born - but for a couple of years, yes! The trunks fit him much better this year than last - see here! I guess he did look kind of ridiculous when they were down to his ankles. :)

In the past, though, he has had at least two more I can think of...
these green ones
and these red ones

...and a pair of orange ones I bought for him for this year, but he is too skinny around the waist - they don't fit!!