Thursday, July 10, 2008

Evening ritual

We are pretty boring people. We do the same things day after day. Our after dinner routine can take one of only two turns. Either we go to the new house to see the day's progress, maybe meet with a tradesperson, and follow that up with a trip to the 'New House Park' (as Liam calls it); or else we go for a walk around the block.Now that the trim work is underway, I have to admit, the walk around the block is winning my vote more and more. The trim is going up painfully slowly. It's a good hike across town to the new house, and I hate to take the time to haul everyone over there only to see that next to nothing has changed. Plus, I love our leafy little neighbourhood, and I'm very cognizant of the short time we have left here. I want to enjoy it as much as we can before we're gone.Liam is through with riding in the stroller, at least as far as walking around the block is concerned. In fact, he now refuses to go for a walk without being allowed to pull Mallory in the wagon. I used to interject on Mallory's behalf, saying she might prefer to sit in the comfort of the stroller, but she now makes a beeline to the wagon every night and clambers to get in. So much for my misguided protests.Notice the street urchin hair. Chad says she had the elastic out this morning before they even pulled into Cindy's driveway. *sigh*Every once in a while Liam slows down a bit, and we ask if he'd like to get in the wagon with Mallory and let us finish pulling them around the block. That's all it takes to get him to break into a run, to prove how very wrong we are, that he is not tiring, no, not at all. I swear, this kid is going to have forearms like Popeye pretty soon - Mallory is not exactly a lightweight payload, especially not coupled with a monster wagon!