Sunday, July 20, 2008

I love it when I have the last laugh

I have had an unbelievably lucky weekend. So lucky, in fact, that I am waiting for the other shoe to fall - there's got to be something that happens in the very near future to even out my luck, isn't there?

First, there's the pair of lamps I've had my eye on forever - a good year, I'd bet. $80 each regular price - not completely outrageous, but more than I'd wanted to spend. I've been watching them for this long, waiting for a sale, and nothing. Then, I was in the store on Saturday, after something else entirely, almost having forgotten about them, and they were suddenly on final clearance for $29. I needed two, and there were two left - one boxed, one the floor model, still in decent shape. Sold!

Then, today, we were out with the kids, and we passed an antiques shop I had never been in before, and on a whim we decided to go in. I have to preface this part of the story by saying that everyone will tell you when you build a house that it will never go entirely as you planned, that there will be mistakes and plan changes mid-game, and one of those for us was the kids' bathroom. Our floor plans show a linen closet built into the kids' bath, and somehow the framers confused the linen closet with a linen storage tower we originally had planned for the master bath and later axed. Long story short - they didn't frame out the closet, and they were gone by the time we realized the error. So we've been going around and around on it, trying to decide what to do - pay to bring the framers back? Get the kitchen guy to do some built ins? I had said in passing that I love vintage pharmacy cabinets and would love to find something like that to fill the space. Fast forward to today - at the antiques shop - guess what we found? Perfect size, shape, colour, condition, price!!! - only someone else had a hold on it. Long story short again, that person is no longer in the picture, and we got it. I could swoon.

So there I was basking in the glow of a great shopping weekend, and we went out to Chad's parents' trailer, and put the kids down for a nap and went for a bike ride, and we were riding out on Lakeshore Road, past all these pretty little cottages, and at the very last one we passed - out at the curb - there it sat. A pretty little vintage white dresser, perfect for Mal's room - in the trash - free for the taking! I knocked on the cottage door to be sure, and it was actually answered by a woman in my book club - who knew? Needless to say, it came home with us. Hard to believe I was kicking myself for not paying more than $160 for one just last week, and here's one that's prettier still (though lacking the glass knobs; nothing that $20 won't fix) for free.

Someone please remove this horseshoe from my ass.

To be fair, we had our share of misfortune this weekend - our TV was fried during a power surge in a thunderstorm. Though it was a small TV, not our main one, and my recent luck is more than enough to make up for that. :)

Photos will follow at some point, of course, though this might be a light posting week - I have clients coming into town. Meaning, I actually have to be productive this week. :) Stay tuned...


Dawn said...

oohhhhhing and aaaaahhhhhhing over your finds! Can't wait to see them! .....and sorry about your TV luck, hey, maybe since your car luck came to visit NJ, my TV luck had to pay back the favor to Canada! teehee!

Mandy said...

that is awesome!!! Without pictures I'm not sure whether I'm more excited about the dresser or the cabinets for the bathroom. I think I need to see both. ;)