Thursday, July 03, 2008

There goes Mother of the Year

As it turns out, Mallory has Roseola. Remember how I just got done saying that I thought something more than teething might be bothering her, and then I corrected and said no, it was just the teeth? I was wrong. She had a few spots on Tuesday, which we attributed to some prickly heat, as she was so intent on being carried around that day. Yesterday they developed into a full-fledged, full-body rash. It certainly explains the fever, lack of appetite and irritability. The good news is that when the spots break out, the worst of it is over… the bad news is that I had to make a couple of “sorry, we’ve exposed you” phone calls yesterday – ugh.

Liam had his own bout of Roseola not even a year ago, and he survived, so I’m sure Mallory will follow suit. She just won’t be pleasant about it is all. The kiddos are at the trailer with Gramma and Grampa today… I hope she is not giving them too hard of a time. We considered not sending her, but in the end we decided to follow through with the original plan. There is nothing you can do to treat Roseola, or teething either, for that matter (and she is definitely still working on another tooth); you just wait for them to pass. We figured sending her to a place she loves with lots to see and do will help the time to pass quickly, and that’s the best we can do for now.