Monday, August 25, 2008

Having had the best of intentions

It's moving week. Moving week!! Arrrrgh. I think I can count the number of things we have to do this week on the fingers of one hand. Of every person in China.

So what do you do on the last weekend you have to really get stuff done before you move, when you are encountering a loaves-and-fishes type phenomenon (namely, that no matter how much you pack, you open your cupboard and closet doors and always find more)? Well number one, you go out of town to attend a party, of course. These two just bought a house and threw a housewarming party. We told Liam there was a party at Uncle Darin and Aunt Jenn's house that we would be going to after his nap, and he was so excited that he immediately went upstairs and put himself to bed. Love that kid.

And then, because it's not like time is at a premium or anything, you spend two hours in the ER waiting room with Mallory after she has a choking incident. It's a long and bizarre story, and she's fine (of course), but she gave us a good scare. And her timing, as usual, was impeccable.


Mandy said...

ACK! No choking incidents allowed!
I'm glad she's ok, but that's it - you guys have met your allowed amount of trips like that for now.

I hope the move goes well, that you have tons of capable and energetic help, and that very soon you're all settled and cozy.

Do your beds and a bathroom first, when it comes to unpacking.

Dawn said...

oh my gosh, mandy, was so about to type ACK myself! LOL!

So I will say, YIKES!

Carrie-Are you working this week? just sent you an email, maybe I should have sent it at home......

jenn said...

WHAT?!?! Happy Mal is a-okay!

I know you have a million and one things on your plate right now. I *so* apreciated you guys making it up here for a visit! If there is ANYTHING we can do to help in the next few weeks (including taking the kiddos off your hands) DO NOT hesitate to ask!!

Thanks for the pics, too. They're not horrible! :) (thanks to your mad skills...could you tell I hate getting my picture taken??)

D & J said...

Thought you might have one more update before the big day...we are thinking of you and hoping everything goes smoothly! Good luck!! :)

jenn said...

and just in case you weren't sure what & was...blogger spelt it out for you!