Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Something sweet for my sweetie girl

This, my friends, is what you can find in the garbage when you least expect it. This is the dresser that Chad and I found while riding our bikes past the cottages on Lakeshore Road a few weeks ago. My latest DIY project, following the blind-sewing marathon, has been fixing it up, and it didn't take much: some wood glue and wood filler to smooth out a few rough spots where the veneer was cracked or loose or missing; some primer, followed by two coats of alkyd finish paint (I chose a colour called Sugar Cookie - there were so many off-whites to choose from that it became overwhelming, and in the end, Sugar Cookie sounded like the perfect shade to have in a little girl's room.) Then I added new hardware - found these gorgeous glass knobs at D. Lawless Hardware. The finishing touch was a roll of pink and brown striped wrapping paper, which I used to line the drawers.The whole thing turned out so pretty - I can't wait to get it out of our wreck of a garage, and into Mallory's room (though I think I will wait and put it in the new house; no sense lugging it up the stairs at home now if it's only going to have to come back down in a few weeks.) I hope she likes it. If not, I might have to find a spot in my own room for it.

(I thought I'd uploaded a pic of Mal to go with this post, but now it seems to have disappeared. Hmmmm...)


The Robiltons said...

so sweet!

Dawn said...

oh my gosh, that is sooooo adorable!!! Love it, and those little knobs, makes it look so completely, perfectly vintage! Wrap that baby up well for transport! Wanna take a roadtrip, I still have MY furniture from when I was a little girl and it is so frilly and girly, would match that dresser so well! I have a hutch, dresser and headboard! Come get it!