Monday, August 11, 2008

This is what moving looks like

Thanks to a major score at the liquor store on the weekend, we have more boxes than we will ever know what to do with - I hope - and packing efforts are majorly underway. With 2.5 weeks left until the move, I am sure we will be ready for it. I'm sure it will be chaotic and exhausting and messy and stressful, but we will be ready for it. Right now you can barely walk through our living room (which is fully one half of one story of our house) due to the number of boxes in it - full boxes that are labelled and neatly stacked, empty boxes that are chucked every-which-way, and Liam and Mallory's special boxes that crop up here and there: one containing Liam's Wiggles guitar, which he deems to be fully packed. One that, at one point, contained all of the kids' DVDs, though within a few minutes Liam changed his mind and decided that he wasn't really ready to say goodbye to all of them for an indefinite period of time. That's the way it goes with him - he gets all into packing, and then unpacks everything again once he's come to his senses. There are three boxes full of stuffed animals lining the upstairs hall, though I noticed he pulled a couple out to take to bed last night.

I was hoping to further de-clutter our space by listing a few things we no longer want or need on, which has to suffice for us, since we don't have a local Craigslist to use. In typical Kijiji fashion though, I got five emails yesterday asking if items were still available and swearing that they would be by the same day to pick them up. But by the time we went to bed last night, not a single person had knocked on the door. Arrrgh!!

We took advantage of a three-day weekend to make a run out to Park's blueberry farm on Friday. We got the requisite how-tall-this year shots of the kids: Mallory, unable to stand still even for a second to let me take a snap:
And Liam, willing to stand still but not willing to look at me; probably daydreaming instead about the blueberry-oatmeal-cream cheese bars and blueberry macaroons we picked up at the bakery before heading home:Otherwise, it was a great weekend for packing: cold and rainy. Seriously, is this August or is this October? We suited the kids up in their boots and raincoats on Saturday afternoon and went out for a walk, which they thought was a real treat. Sometimes, simple is best.In other good news, we got the TV that was zapped during that storm a few weeks ago back, and the repair job was free! We weren't expecting that, since the warranty clearly states that damage due to power surges is not covered. Good thing though - when we dug out the receipt for the TV prior to taking it in for repair, I realized it was a lot more expensive TV than I'd originally thought - if it had bitten the dust after just 7 months, I would have been ticked. As if this weren't already the most expensive year of our lives...