Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Yesterday was the girls' dress rehearsal for their dance recital, which is coming up this weekend. Lately, dance has left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. I was just billed $51 for the month of June. She doesn't get a lesson in the month of June - just a dress rehearsal and a performance (for which I am required to buy a $25 ticket to see my own child - but that's another issue). Why am I paying for 4 lessons that don't exist? Plus, the last week of May, a professional photographer came in to take pictures. They spent 40 of the 45 class minutes on pictures and 5 minutes on the lesson. So I paid roughly $12 to line the pockets of a photographer. No, I did not buy any pictures. Instead, we took them outside between dress rehearsal numbers, and we did our own.I hope these girls are still friends 20 years from now and that they look back on these pictures and fawn over how cute and tiny they were. I hope they can say their BFF is one they have had essentially since birth. In reality I know this is not likely to happen... maybe they don't have to be BFFs... just Fs would be nice. FFs, even.I might be grumpy about the dance thing now, but maybe I will miss it this time next year, when we aren't partaking in the costumes and makeup and wee buns topped with pink ribbons and talking incessantly about the Sleeping Beauty dance (her ballet number is set to "Once Upon a Dream").
I am planning to print a new series of pictures to line the stairs down to the basement playroom. I think one of these dance portraits may make the cut.