Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend fun

This weekend it finally felt a little bit like summer. We made the most of it.
On Friday, to get out of the rain, we went to see 'Mr. Popper's Penguins' at the theatre in Lakeshore. It's not like me to drive to get to a movie, but our local theatre wasn't running any matinees. It was a good excuse to go to Cora's for lunch, too. Of course the kids loved it - you know as soon as we saw that trailer for the first time that we were taking Mallory to see it! (And Liam too.)
On Saturday Chad and I had an adults-only event to attend out of town, so the kids went to the trailer a bit to visit Gramma and Grampa. It was a lot of driving in one day but the kids seemed to enjoy themselves.On Sunday morning I took Mallory back to the ER to have her stitches removed. Same doctor but a better experience. Mallory cried, but I could tell it was more out of fear than terrible pain. And it was all over with pretty quickly. The next time someone has stitches I will probably just take them out myself at home.
As a reward for her good behaviour in the hospital, we went strawberry picking on Sunday afternoon. Our old haunt, Boley's, seems to have gone out of the berry business. So we went to Pardo's instead. The experience was made all the better by these cool old berry trugs they give you to carry your pick around in. I really wanted to steal one.
Back at home we baked up a fresh strawberry shortcake and whipped some cream to go with it. Liam was in heaven. He ate another giant helping after dinner tonight. I think I might have to make another one of these before berry season is over.