Monday, August 15, 2011


Over the past month or two, something funny has been going on with Liam. He's become sociable.
His shyness has never been that much of a surprise to us, given that we are both totally introverted people. He will usually talk to people he knows well, but we have friends who have known him since he was born who can't get more than a few words out of him.
Suddenly, though, it seems like a switch has been flipped. People have run into him out in public with Cindy and they've commented on how much he had to say to them. We were at a cottage party a few weeks ago (where these photos were taken), and he spent half the night running around with a ten-year-old boy. The funny part was that he was the instigator of most of what they got up to.
At the party he also spent a good chunk of time sword-fighting this twenty-something guy who last year probably would have given him a good scare.
We run into kids in public all the time who are like "Hey, Liam!" Kids at the grocery store, movie theatre, library, you name it. I think they all go to his school. Many of them are considerably older than he is. He still doesn't give them too much acknowledgement, but I think it's coming.
Wouldn't it be funny if Liam turned out to be the social butterfly of the family?
Well, we all know it won't be Chad or I. The smart money would be on Mallory but... you never know!!


megan said...

I know, when we were there last week it was like he was a completely different person! I did kind of like his strong silent way though.