Monday, August 01, 2011

The perfect summer weekend: part 1

On Saturday morning, we made it out to the blueberry farm for our 2011 visit. I don't know why I enjoy going there so much, but I do. This time around Chad joined us, with minimal grumbling. Fruit picking is not really his thing when it's so much easier to just buy it at the grocery store. The fact that I had to wait until the seniors' home tour bus pulled away before I could take this picture might also have something to do with it.
But seriously, how awesome is it to have a series of photos like this to mark the passage of time? Here's Mallory way back in 2007 during her inaugural visit.Liam was game for another in the series too...
...and here's what we have to compare it to. Liam is always game for a trip to a fruit farm, and not just for the photo ops. He probably had thirty blueberries in his pail when we were done, and three pounds in his belly.Mallory still insists that she doesn't like blueberries, but she was very content to burrow under the bushes and set up shop - she said she was making blueberry pies under there.There are tractor rides and games to play... here Liam is grinning ear-to-ear as he beats Chad and Mallory at a rubber duck race.After we finished picking, we went in to the bakery for a snack before making the trip home. Despite having a belly full of berries, Liam still managed to fit in a blueberry muffin, and Chad had a blueberry scone and I had a blueberry oat bar. Mallory managed to find the one non-blueberry item in the bakery, a cinnamon roll.Sometimes I wonder how we can possibly be genetically related.