Monday, July 05, 2010

Canada D'Eh, 2010 style, for about the 14th time

I cannot for the life of me get this post to format correctly, and you know what? - I have other things to do! I'm sure you can figure out which pictures go with which parts of the story... so I am hitting publish and getting off of here.

On Canada Day, we once again ventured down to Tecumseh Park for the annual 'Canada D'Eh!' festivities. We got there a little later than planned and of course the line at the bouncy castle was crazy-long. We toured around the rest of the park, spending most of our time at the usual reptile exhibit, where Liam and Mallory were both brave enough to hold (and wear!) snakes. (I was brave enough to stand close enough to take their pictures.) Chad and Liam hit Mr. Pickle for a snack and by the time we got back to the bouncy castle, the line was twice as long as it was originally, and Mallory was adamant that she wanted to wait. Nearly an hour later, both Liam and Mallory spent their four minutes in the castle. The only way out of the castle was to climb a wall and then drop down a slide on the other side. Mallory got to the top (barely) and was then terrified to ride down. Thank goodness Sophie and Nicholas showed up then - if she hadn't been so anxious to see Nicky, I don't think she ever would have come down.

We went home for lunch and a swim, then came back downtown for the parade later in the afternoon. The Marching Orchestra pulled me up for a picture. Goodness knows I don't initiate this kind of thing on my own.

Home again for a nap and dinner, and then we took the kids back downtown AGAIN for fireworks at 10:15 p.m. Mallory spent 15 minutes waiting for the fireworks to begin with her ears plugged, afraid of the loud noise they would make. By the time they started, she had fallen asleep, and she slept through the entire noisy show. I guess she should have napped when the rest of us did.