Thursday, July 28, 2011

Here we go again, only amplified.

In the past 24 hours, we have signed Mallory up for ringette and gymnastics, and also taken the kids on a tour of the new YMCA that is opening on Saturday. Ever since she quit swimming lessons last year, Mallory has maintained that she will start swimming lessons up again "when the new Y opens". This is one of those silly things that she obviously overheard us talking about and had no idea what it meant. I mean, why would she want to swim in one place but not the other? I did expect her to back out of this promise of sorts, but last night she was enthralled to see the new pool, and the last time we were in the water at home she was showing off some moves and telling us she was 'practicing' for when she starts swimming lessons.

It came down to a choice between ringette and hockey, and given her lack of experience on the ice (one year of half-hearted skating lessons aside) and the better ice time hours offered, ringette seemed to be the way to go. Well, that's how I think of it, anyway. We let Mallory decide and that's what she picked (and despite my initial concerns, I don't think the fact that her beloved Nicky plays ringette factored into her decision all that much.) When we pulled up to the arena and she saw tables set up to process the registrations outside, Mallory skipped right over to them, she was so excited. Hopefully that's a sign of good things to come.

Once the ringette ice times were confirmed I was able to call the gymnastics place this morning and book her into a timeslot that will work. Gymnastics is run as three 10-week sessions so at least if she decides she hates the first one, I will only have to bribe her to continue for a couple of months before we are done.

Liam still needs to get signed up for hockey (that's Chad's area of expertise) and both kids need to get registered for swimming lessons when that opens up at the end of August... and I am considering whether we should start Liam in piano... and then that will do. And then, if I thought getting them all registered up was bad, wait until we're living and breathing all these activities every single day. Please tell me I'm not about to lose my ever-lovin' mind.