Wednesday, June 18, 2008


In the midst of all my woe-is-me-the-Jetta-took-a-bump, I neglected to post about Father's Day. We made Chad some blueberry pancakes and then spent the morning at Mitchell's Bay. How convenient that those are things the kids enjoy, too. We puttered around in the afternoon, barbecued some steak (was it wrong of me to put Chad to work on Father's Day??)

Anyway, a belated but still very happy Father's Day to some of the best dads we know.And also to Chad, who I am thankful to have as the father to our kiddos.I'll leave you with a funny photo comparison: shots taken at Mitchell's Bay both on our weekend trip, and in June of 2007. At first I thought the only give-away as to which is which would be the shoes... little did I realize how much the fit of the swim trunks has changed, too. :)Well, crap, I just accidentally deleted the other shot, and it's on the computer at home!... arrgh. Will have to update later.
ETA: Here it is! Man, this cracks me up.