Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ethan. Not Eroc.

On Saturday we made a quick trip to London to see our new nephew/cousin, Ethan. It seems there is a bit of confusion about the name. EROC is the acronym - Ethan Robert Owen Cook - not the name, like Eric but with an O.

Before Ethan was born, we told the kids we might take them to the hospital to see Ethan when he was born. But when the day came and we realized how many other visitors there were at the time, we decided to hold off until the weekend, when we could be sure to get some face time with the baby. Liam was disappointed on the day I arrived at Cindy's to pick him up and told him his new cousin was here, but that we weren't leaving immediately to go see him. He had to count down a few days until they got to meet, but the meeting did not disappoint. Liam really seems to like babies and especially babies with red hair! He likes to hold them and touch them - he was constantly running his fingers up and down Ethan's legs and patting his head. Don't worry though - when we ask him if we should have another baby at our house, the answer is an emphatic no.

Mallory liked Ethan a little less than I expected. She usually seems enamoured of babies, too, but she had to be coerced a bit to hold him, and then trotted off to find something else to do. She did love rifling through his bookshelf and discovering his basket of toys, so I guess he is good for something in her book! She is not helping any re: the name confusion. Ask her what her new cousin is named, and she is likely to tell you that it's Darin.


Kathryn said...

I count myself as one of those who thought he was called Eroc - I had to ask Robert (Canadian husband) if Eroc was a common Canadian name - even he thought it a little unusual - like I wrote on Megan's blog....Ethan is so much nicer!!

jenn said...

ahh..what a cute picture!! thanks for the great visit. :)