Sunday, August 09, 2009

Here they are

Trying again, and if they strip the soundtrack off of this one, well then, I give up. How on earth is it that Warner Music owns the rights to pretty much every song I can think of that is suitable for a baby boy?? And what does Warner have against YouTube, anyway?

(video may take a few minutes to process...)


jenn said...

oh, Carrie! This is just beautiful!! I LOVE it! (and it's totally normal that I am bawling my eyes out, right?)

Anonymous said...

Is that Justin Hines singing??

Carrie said...

Jenn: I will consider that mission accomplished then!! Those last 20 minutes of the session really did the trick eh? :)

Yes, it's Justin Hines, and while I realize that he has kind of a polarizing, love-him-or-hate-him effect on people, I only settled on this song after Israel Kamakawiwo'ole AND Barenaked Ladies AND Ben Harper all fell through on me (all being tied to Warner in some way). I nearly threw on some Lady GaGa and called it a day!