Monday, August 17, 2009

Fawn Island, 2009 edition

We had another jam-packed weekend. We are all a bit tired and cranky and eager to spend the day in air conditioning today, but it was well worth it. Yesterday we went to spend some time with friends at their cottage on Fawn Island. The last time I wrote about this place was here, when we last visited - gasp! - 4 years ago.

To give you some perspective on this: here are Liam and I on the dock the last time we went: He is much smaller, and as for me, well, I am much thinner and less wrinkled. Bummer how that goes.

Anyway, the wonderful thing about Fawn Island and the friends we got together with is that things never really change all that much. We can always pick up where we left off, even after a number of years. Here is a shot of the front of the cottage... it's a beautiful old building that has some connection to Al Capone and rum running, though customs services have finally put a stop to the willy-nilly way the island's residents used to be able crisscross the border. The cottages all front onto a canal since access is obviously by boat:

The back of the cottage is a beautiful huge lawn and then the turquoise waters of the St. Clair River. Our hosts, Renee and Dave, have a great site with a staircase down to knee-deep water on a shallow sandbar. Perfect for the little kiddies to wade in.

And the water was even warm(ish)!...

My friend since high school, Renee, who hasn't changed one bit. Her combat boots have gone the same way as our days of concert-hopping, but she is still one tough chick who shouldn't be messed with. She whipped out an air horn to let the kids know they were out in the water too far. Only Renee.

Even though we waited til the very end of the day to do it, we got a group photo with all the kids. Some of them were half-asleep and miserable by then. OK, maybe that was just mine. But we still got the shot.For comparison's sake, here is that same shot (less one family) the last time we were on Fawn Island:And finally, a photo of me and some of my very best and very oldest friends. We don't look quite the same as we do in that shot of us at the Pinery in 1992, but we're not doing too bad.The full set of photos is linked through Flickr in the sidebar.