Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Last night I went to pick Liam up from school, and when I got there I was delivered two swift kicks. Number one: Liam had lost his coat. It wasn't hanging on the rack at the After program and the supervisor swore she had never seen it. We went down to his classroom, got a janitor to unlock the door, checked there - nothing. Back to After - nothing. Finally we headed out of the school. As we did so we happened to pass the Lost and Found and bingo - there it was, sitting on top. Thank goodness!

Before his coat had been recovered though, I found a letter from the principal in his backpack while I was digging around looking for the coat. Apparently someone in Liam's class has lice, so this was a heads up to warn us to start checking Liam on a regular basis. I have friends whose kids have been in the school system for a while and there have been times I've been on the phone with them and they have nearly been in tears because someone has come home with lice, AGAIN, picking it up again from someone in class and it's so darn hard to get rid of. So I knew this kind of thing happened. And I expected that sooner or later, Liam would lose something. But, come on, it's ONLY the third week of school. Please, let's ease into this gently!


Kathy said...

No doubt about it....things don't get easier....only different. But you will survive. At least with boys you can always get a hair cut...not so easy with girls if they don't to part with their hair, esp a buzz! :o