Sunday, September 20, 2009

The morning after the night before not fun. I am too old for hangovers...

Last night we went to HallowBash 2009: Get Your Freak On. Yes, it's still a full seven weeks until Halloween, but it will be too frickin cold for a party in a stable by then. It was cold enough as it was last night.

I finished sewing my costume at 12:30 a.m. the night before - the wig was a rental - though I plan to buy my own wig, now that I have the costume. I am glad that I made it rather than renting something. It was pretty easy to do, even without a pattern, thanks to a plethora of Star Wars fan sites on the internet where crazy people discuss how to authentically recreate the costumes from the movie so they can dress up to go to conventions. I think this costume has longevity, and I will be wearing it to take my kids trick-or-treating for years to come. I could even mix it up and go as a member of the KKK or an angel or a ghoul - the possibilities are nearly endless....I think Cory and Megan's costumes were *way* more original and funny. I still think they were robbed when some dude dressed as Gene Simmons won the prize for "Most Famous" and they didn't. I mean, there has been a Gene Simmons at every costume party I have ever attended - it is SO not original... and come on, how many times has Gene Simmons been in the headlines this year? Jon and Kate are making fools of themselves on a weekly basis these days.This is Megan's picture - here we are getting a pick-me-up at the oxygen bar. Much needed in between all the Sideshow Slammers I was drinking. :) Special thanks to Megan for going through the haunted maze entrance ahead of me. She was the one who had the crap scared out of her with monsters jumping out of the walls at her and other such nonsense. I'm a chicken when it comes to stuff like that.

Another one of Megan's photos (I left my camera at home), this time late at night during one of the live band's sets. Yes, the lead singer is dressed as Michael Jackson, complete with angel wings. It was a way late night... I don't think I have been up at that hour since I was nursing a baby around the clock.