Thursday, September 10, 2009

School: Day 2 for us, Day 3 for everybody else

No, I will not still be writing "Day 193 for us/Day 194 for everybody else" in June. :)

When I went to pick Liam up from school (or more appropriately, from the After Care program) on Tuesday, he was busy playing with one of those towers where you build your own track and roll the marbles down. He seemed relatively happy to see me, but not in a "Get me out of here!" kind of way. We put the tower pieces back in the bin and put it away, and left the school. I asked him all kinds of questions. What did he do that day? What did his teacher say or do? How had things gone? And, being Liam, he refused to answer any of my questions. This led to me giving him a stern talk about how, unlike his visits to Cindy's house, which she details in a notebook that we pass back and forth, I have no way of knowing anything about his day unless he himself tells me; so he'd better get talking. When I asked him about lunchtime I guess I struck a nerve, because that's when he did open up. He didn't have time to eat all of his lunch, he said. I told him that was OK, as long as he didn't go hungry, and he assured me that he hadn't. Then he told me that he didn't have time to eat the cheese from his first lunch or the turkey from his second lunch. But when I got home and opened his lunch bag, the cheese and turkey were gone - he hadn't eaten the celery from first lunch or the cantaloupe from second. And I know him well enough to know that he didn't just forget or get mixed up about what he had eaten; he was just messing with me.


By the time he went to bed I had managed to get a few more pieces of information out of him. The teacher had read them a story. They all had name tags on the back of their chairs. They had coloured a picture of a bicycle, and his was coloured orange, but the pictures are all hanging on a wall in the classroom which is why he didn't bring his home. Also, they each have a notebook, which the teacher keeps on her desk, and every day they will practise writing their name in their notebook one time. He told me he used the bathroom in his classroom (though this morning he told Chad he didn't). And he marvelled that they also have their very own drinking fountain.

I was reasonably satisfied this this accounting of his day.

The next day I went out and bought him one of the larger balanced day lunchbags with two sides, and a milk bottle and some cold packs to go with it. I packed him almost the same exact lunch today as I did on Tuesday. We'll see how far he gets.