Monday, December 14, 2009

The almost-weres

This year, as usual, I dragged the kids out to take holiday photos for our Christmas cards. This was back in early October. I had holiday clothing selected and coordinated, props I'd purchased at this time last year in the event that the stores weren't yet carrying them, great weather to work with and a very cool backdrop (this red-painted trailer) that serendipitously showed up just a few blocks from where we live... the stars were all in alignment.
Except that the shots I got... well, they were OK. I could work with them. They just weren't anything that made my heart sing.
Then I took Mallory out on her own for a few different shots - after having designed a card around the photos I had from our first session - and the results did make me catch my breath. I had to use a photo from the new session for our card. I just had to get one of Liam that kinda-sorta went with it. You know, equal representation, and all of that.
I had picked this one, and then Chad talked me out of it, saying he wanted more of Liam's hair to show. So I went with my second choice. Then this week I had this shot printed for a different purpose, and when Chad saw it side by side with the image of Mallory that went onto the card he said - "That would have been a really great shot to use for the card this year." Methinks he's getting old and forgetful.

More to come regarding the crazy month that is December. It's been a crazy morning and I think it's going to get worse before it gets better.