Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bedhead, and other good things

Last night, this stinker woke up crying for me at 3 a.m. I went into her room, expecting to hear her complain about the wind (my goodness, was it ever howling) or tell me she had a bad dream. Nope. "Mommy, I want you to carry me when we go downstairs," she said. Good grief. I said I would indeed carry her down if she wanted me to - but not til morning! (If I recall, she made it down the stairs on her own this morning, no assistance from me required.)

The Glee fall finale last night was perfect. Am I the only one watching this show? I adore it. Jane Lynch is definitely one of my all-time favourites. ("Get ready for the ride of your life, Will Schuester. You're about to board the Sue Sylvester Express. Destination: horror!") I can't embed this clip directly here, but I can link you to it:

Meet Sue Sylvester

Today is Liam's first day taking snowpants to school. We'll see how long they last. His backpack is not big enough to fit the snowpants on top of his lunch bag and mail bag, so I'm sure they will be left behind sooner or later!

At the Santa Claus Parade we discovered that Mallory's old snowpants are way too small for her this year. I spent some time looking for a new pair of snowpants and finally just bought her a whole new snowsuit that I had been eyeing for a while. She didn't really need the coat... but it's so cute!

We have entered our period of holiday chaos. Lots of parties, dinners, events, etc. This weekend we have two parties, next week Liam has a concert and a festival at the school, my work party was this week, Chad's work party is next week (these are departmental parties on top of the company-wide parties for kids and adults we already attended), Liam has a party at his after care program next week, today I had to bring in baking... it goes on and on. I have two presents left to get, a few stocking stuffers to buy (come on - if I buy the candy now, there is no way it won't be gone by Christmas!), three gifts that are in the mail and will hopefully be arriving any day now so I don't have to come up with a Plan B... eeek! One more week of work and then a lovely calm in the week leading up to Christmas. I can hardly wait.


Dawn said...

I am a major Gleek.........and I cried When will kissed Emma.............yes, I have the soundtrack and I downloaded Last Christmas from iTunes since it wasn't on the soundtrack. I LOVE Will and Sue........

Carrie said...

That was the best television scene since Lost's "We have to go back, Kate! We have to go back!" Wait, I think I said that about Jim and Pam's wedding on The Office. Well, they both rank right up there. I have watched that scene about twenty times (yay for DVR!) I love the number they're doing at the time, too, the way it's an amalgamation of all the numbers from earlier in the season. Brilliantly done on so many levels!