Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Because they are on the 'Nice' list

Christmas is fast approaching and I have it on good authority that Santa has nearly finished assembly of Liam and Mallory's presents in his workshop.

Our kids had thankfully simple and small wish lists this year. I told them they could each pick three things to ask for and that Santa would do his best but there were no promises. Liam came up with the McDonald's playset, the Diego videogame and golf balls. Mallory asked Santa for a princess puzzle, a new doll and a new movie. (Very easy to please - she didn't specify which doll or which movie - makes Santa's job a lot easier!)

Liam's McDonald's set should be arriving this weekend, and the Diego game was also secured this week:
(This should be interesting, because Liam has never played a video game before, at least not that I am aware of!) The golf balls will also make an appearance. Santa has chosen a few other things that he thinks Liam will like (running it past his parents of course!), including this: A set of Toy Story action figures (the kids have not seen the Toy Story movie - we really need to remedy that in order to get the full potential out of this playset!) There is also a set of Jungle Book figures. Might keep one tucked away until a later date... we'll see how full the stocking is before deciding on that.

As for Mallory, she is getting a new movie. She's already seen the sequel to this and loved it. I haven't heard reviews as good for the original, but I think she'll enjoy it anyway:
And she gets a set of action figures, too, only hers are from Beauty and the Beast:
Her doll request is being fulfilled via the Snap n Style dolls that I have heard great things about - I think she will love these (there are 2 coming her way): Liam got her the puzzle she wanted. And to stuff her stocking - Santa thought she would love these Strawberry Shortcake figures as much as her mom loved hers, which smelled the exact same even though they looked slightly different, many many years ago: Next up, something for the kids to share: the Melissa and Doug ice cream parlour set. Which reminds me... we still need to get the Cookie Set packed up and returned to the store, now that it's been recalled. Sheesh!And the big Santa gifts this year are Playmobil sets from Costco (thanks Megan for telling me about them and then picking them up for us!) Liam's is a rescue set complete with a fire truck, burning building, helicopter and motorcycle. It's an amazing set for the price ($50). And Mallory's set is the pony farm... similar to this, if not exactly the same:That is mostly it. There are a few small things to be tucked into stockings (a wind-up penguin for her, a Spiderman that grows in water for him) but we keep things pretty simple around here.

I can't get into Chad's gifts here because, well, he's computer literate. Can I post my wish list though?
This one, I think I am actually going to buy with a gift card I already have. Just trying to decide whether I should jump now to take advantage of the free shipping offer, or wait til Boxing Day to see if I can do better.

These things are all wonderful but I am not expecting them this year. I feel very treated to have a lovely backyard vista to gaze out at all winter, and with a new hard drive to organize my files (it's been tough these past few weeks without having one!) I will feel very lucky indeed. Seeing the kids be happy is all I really want. (That... and my hard drive!)

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