Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Next stop: Wembley Stadium

On Tuesday afternoon, Chad and I ducked out of work for a bit because Liam's class put on a Christmas concert at school. This was a topic of much discussion in our house for weeks beforehand: would Liam actually sing in front of a crowd, or would he stand up there and feign ignorance about the whole thing? (I'd been pestering him to sing a few lines to me at home, and he absolutely refused.)

To my surprise, he sang. He even did the hand actions. And at one point, he got to hold one of the props (though perhaps the props were allocated to the kids who were performing the hand actions less than enthusiastically?)There are two split JK/SK classes at Liam's school - his class is the one in Santa hats and the other kids were dressed as elves. Between the two classes and all the parents and grandparents - it was a full house, and trying to get a shot or some video footage was like being part of the paparazzi. Sometimes I feel like a dolt whipping my camera out when nobody else is doing it. But at times like these, I wish that fewer people were so like-minded. It was crazy! For much of the show, I had a better view through the viewfinder of the guy in front of me than I did watching the show directly.It could have been worse... Liam could have been performing the same act as his little friend here(there were plenty of cameras on hand to catch it!):Edited to add: it figures that the shot with the nose picker is the one shot that you can't embiggen by clicking on it. Oh well!

If you have nerves of steel, here's some footage to watch. I love how Liam decides that the dance sequence half way through the song is beneath him, and instead starts fidgeting with the buttons on his shirt. (PS - we jointly picked out the red shirt for him to wear, but the rest of his outfit is entirely his own doing!)


Ainsley said...

I know I'm supposed to get more out of the video than just the music... but I have to declare that I ADORE Raffi and his Christmas album. Every year of my childhood we would decorate the tree to this song. After the record player died, there were a few years without it, but then it was found in a bargain bin at Sunrise Records. They are my heros, and now I have my Raffi CD to enjoy. I am aware that I'm a dork. :o)

Liam did a great job with his class! How exciting that you're now into the stage of life that school Christmas concerts are a part of the holiday madness!