Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hockey night in Canada

At 3:55 p.m. yesterday afternoon, Liam took to the ice for the first time not as a CanSkate skating student, but as a hockey player. Though I don't think there will be any hockey playing for many months - some of the kids have clearly never even been on skates before! We figured doing something with his skating (i.e. hockey) would be better for him than another year of just learning to skate for skating's sake. So far he seems interested and like he's enjoying himself, and it's a good thing... hockey is a lot more costly than skating lessons ever were. If he pulled a Mallory and quit after the first week, I would be furious!
So now that the issue of whether or not he's going to like it is behind us, we turn our attention to the issue of how on earth we are going to get him onto the ice week after week at such a crazy time. Don't any of the coaches or parents work? What 9-to-5 parent finds it easy to go across town to pick their kid up, spend 20 minutes getting him dressed, and get him to the arena for an hour-long practise before 4 o'clock? I guess we have to tough it out for a couple of years while he's in the Tyke division... the older kids seem to have more convenient ice times.
It's also a good thing that I am taking Mallory to her dance lessons. Chad will have to figure this one out.
As for me, I am trying to simplify the evening routine now that we are out of the house with activities 5 days/week. Last week I am embarrassed to admit that we ate McDonald's takeout, takeout pizza, and Kraft dinner. I can't recall the other nights but they were probably nothing more elaborate than grilled cheese. This week, I got my act together, made a menu plan on the weekend, and actually cooked a roast last night that we reheated for dinner tonight.
One night down... roughly 180 left to go.


dad said...

Show him some pictures of his grandpa out on the pond - there were no problems with time schedules..........