Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Report card time

Earlier this summer I posted a copy of our "Summer To-Do List". This was just a bunch of ideas we had for fun things to do over the summer. Well, since Labour Day has come and gone, I thought I would recap how we did at it.

Here is everything that we successfully crossed off our list (note that the numbering is messed up from the first time I posted, but you get the idea):
1. Go swimming (Mallory)
2. Go camping
3. Throw a BBQ
4. Go rollerblading
5. Have a campfire in our backyard
6. Watch fireworks
7. Make s’mores
8. Go to a splash pad
9. Cheer on mom during her first triathlon
10. Have a picnic
11. Go fishing
12. Catch a frog
13. See Toy Story 3 at the theatre
14. Give ourselves pedicures
15. Go to Rondeau
16. Pick blueberries
17. Spot a moose
18. Celebrate the end of the school year with ice cream
19. Pedal boat around Lake Victoria
20. Climb a tree
21. Build a sand castle
22. Read Charlotte’s Web
23. Go to the Cone and Shake Shop
24. Invite friends over for a swim
25. Visit Fawn Island
26. Take a time-lapsed night-sky photo
27. See Peter Pan at the Stratford Festival
28. Sleepover at the trailer

And, here are the things that we didn't do:

1. Make homemade ice cream
We did, however, discover the PC brand Loads of Dough ice cream. Yum! We also spent a lot of time at The Cone and Shake Shop. Now that they are boarded up again, maybe we will break out the ice cream maker at home.
2. Take pictures in a field of flowers
Never did find a suitable field!
3. Make homemade lemonade
Still have a big bottle of lemon juice in the fridge, though. As it turns out, the kids don't particularly care for lemonade. Since we never got around to this, I'm glad that I chose the bottled juice over the fresh lemons that would have been rotting away by now...4. Go to Erieau
Plum ran out of time.
5. Learn to ride without training wheels
Liam never really took to this this summer, though Chad took his wheels off and ran him around a couple of times. No matter... there is always next year!6. Catch a firefly
Our new house is completely devoid of fireflies. Our old house was overrun with them. I didn't realize how hard this would be to accomplish! We also didn't see any fireflies on our camping trip.
7. Go to the farmer’s market
I'm putting this on the 'did not do' list because we never made it down to the big market in front of the Civic Centre. Its Saturday morning timeslot conflicted with our mornings on the soccer field. We did shop a lot from all of the roadside stands that spring up around here during the summer months.8. Press flowers
This was a crafty-idea-for-a-rainy-day that we never needed to pull out of our back pocket.
9. Get Mallory out of Pull-Ups
We did have Mallory out of Pull-Ups for about six weeks. And during that time, we washed her bedding about two dozen times and found ourselves making the bed at 3 a.m. more often than we cared for. She is back in Pull-Ups as of yesterday. She's not ready to go without them, and I am OK with that. We got a better night's sleep last night than we have in ages!


Dawn said...

You guys did a lot! Be proud!! My list is pathetic!! I will try harder next year! I would love to see your night sky time lapse pictures!! I am into the constellation app on Eric's iPhone!! Learned more over the past few days about astronomy then I ever did in school!

Carrie said...

Hey, I didn't say I took GOOD time lapse pictures... just that I attempted to take them!! They are really not good at all, though I will share if I can dig some up. But it allowed me to cross it off the list. :)