Monday, September 27, 2010


It's one of those times of year that makes me glad to live where I live. Sure, I would sometimes love to live someplace where it's warm all year (longer triathlon season!) or sunny for 20 hours per day in the middle of summer (think of how much you could get done!) But then I would miss out on migration season, which I like even more now that we are living on the creek.

The first one isn't from our back yard - it's from when we went to the Monarch Migration Festival out at Rondeau a couple of weeks ago. But the rest were taken out on the 'back 40'. During the day, hundreds and hundreds of geese amass on the creek banks down by the football field. The numbers build steadily all day until sometime around 5 or 6 p.m., when they take off in a crazy, honking, flapping mass.We take corn down to feed them. The ducks are pretty tame and will come flying across the creek if they spot us from the opposite bank. The geese are a little more leery, and only swarm in to hoover up the last of the corn after we've left. Here's Liam getting a little too complacent with the birds all around him.Then this guy started to honk and flap his wings, and I think Liam got the bejeesus scared out of him!Liam had the last laugh though.