Monday, November 03, 2008

Boo to you

Ah, Halloween. Since we had kids, I have loved this holiday more and more with every passing year. I'm not the type to go into work in costume, but I was disappointed that our annual company Halloween party was not on this year. Not sure why - maybe they figured out that we have other priorities, like, say, delivering gas??
Regardless, here are the kiddos getting ready to go out trick-or-treating. For 10 months Liam talked about being Batman or Spiderman for Halloween, and then one early September day we were in Winners and he spied this giraffe costume, and it came home with us. He never wavered and followed through as a giraffe. I would have bought it one size up if they'd had it, but they didn't - and by Halloween the darn thing barely fit and the pant legs stayed north of his ankles. Oh, and the hood was too itchy, so it only went on for the first house. But he loved it - that's all that mattered.The cat costume was just a lucky Old Navy find - we happened to be there when the costumes had newly arrived and it was Baby Days to boot (30% off). Mallory loved it. For someone who'd never been trick-or-treating before, she certainly had the whole process downpat in record time. If I so much as stopped to chat with someone who answered the door (remember, we're new to the neighbourhood - I thought this would be a good chance to introduce ourselves), she would start to drag me by the hand down the driveway.We took the wagon specifically for Mal but she did almost the entire neighbourhood on foot. Well, we didn't really canvass the whole neighbourhood - mostly stuck to dropping in on people we already know. (So much for my theory about meeting the neighbours, right?)Our neighbourhood is very festive when it comes to Halloween - unlike our old neighbourhood, where a lot of people didn't even hand out, our new neighbourhood has people pouring shots for the adults on their front porches, and men taking their kids out with beer in hand. I have an idea in mind for how we can contribute next year... need to check into the feasibility first.Chad did not dress up this year, having loaned away the Bleeker costume. I was the queen from Snow White for the third year running. I might mix it up a little next year.Mallory did accept a wagon ride home, and we made the mistake of putting both the kids' loot bags in there as well. This was what we found when we got back to our house - Mallory helping herself to everything. She did not actually eat anything, mind you, but she had stolen several things from Liam's bag and put them in hers. Naughty girl - Liam was none too amused.Of course, the hurt was quickly forgotten when we returned some of his rightful treats to him and let him have a couple before bed.