Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Thrusday, y'all

Yes, you read right, I said Thrusday. There's a message board where I am known to hang out from time to time, a board that can be rife with drama, and for some reason it seems that Thursday is always the day of the big blow-out threads. Some time ago there was a train wreck of a thread going on, and the original poster did a hair flip and referred to it (accidentally) as Thrusday... and the mercenaries jumped on it and it became almost like an inside joke - now whenever there's a drama thread, someone inevitably posts, tongue in cheek, "Is it Thrusday?"

The funny thing is that we have Thrusdays at home, too. The kids are most likely to have meltdowns on Thursdays, leading me call them Thrusdays. I think it's just the culmination of a long week and knowing that there's still one day to go. The kids don't nap as much at Cindy's as they do at home, and sometimes life does seem rush, rush, rush from Monday to Friday as we try to swing full time jobs and full time daycare and housework and sports and the other minutiae of daily life.

We had a Thrusday yesterday. Mallory, who is still a terrible eater most of the time, learned shortly after we started eating at our kitchen table that she can launch herself off the side of the table with her feet to shoot back in her chair and announce, "All done!" We scold her every time she does it, fearing that she'll tip over, and last night it finally happened - I watched the whole chair tip over backwards with her still strapped into the booster seat on top. Luckily she did not hurt herself, but she did get a good scare, and you know what? - I'm glad. I'm hoping it will make her think twice about doing it again (though she did it again at breakfast this morning, so I'm not so sure...)

As if that weren't bad enough, Liam then somehow managed to fall off the toilet last night. I have no idea how he could have taken such a tumble or what he hit on his way down, but he had quite the goose egg on his forehead as a result - it was a pretty significant mishap. Who knew such dangers lurked in the bathroom?

Anyway, the worst of Thrusday is behind us for another week. My clients went back to the UK last night, wrapping up another busy week, and that's the last site visit we have planned for the foreseeable future - yay! This weekend we are planning to stick close to home and get a head start on some holiday stuff... if I can do it without freezing half to death, I'll get the urns decked out for Christmas. We are pulling record volumes out of storage today, and the gas control room is humming with activity - winter is setting in in a big way. It's only going to get colder though, so I'd might as well do it now.