Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Germ free. (We hope.) And hey, we didn't wipe out the entire family at Christmas this time, either!

Well, life is back to normal and all is quiet on the western front. Liam seems to be healthy again, and Mallory never actually caught what the rest of us had (let's just hope she doesn't wake up with it tomorrow after having gone through an incubation period). As much as I gripe about the grossness of the kids being sick, I do enjoy being able to provide them with some comfort when they are, and it was nice in an odd way to have a lazy day at home doing little more than cuddling together. The kids can get awfully cute in their patheticness. Liam was totally sapped of strength on Monday night and when I took him up to put him to bed, he saw that I'd swapped out his feather duvet for some blankets that can go in the washer and dryer and he wailed, "Where's my du-bay? I want my du-bay!" I had to explain to him that dry clean only items are a no-no when vomit is involved.He was only sick twice: once after dinner, as he was sitting at the kitchen counter watching our builder replace the drywall in the ceiling - I thought he seemed quiet, but he'd eaten a good dinner, was waiting for the cookies to finish baking so he could have one, and just seemed like he was really curious about why Al was cutting an even bigger hole in the ceiling. The next thing we knew... puke everywhere. We stripped him down, put his jammies on, covered the carpet on his bedroom floor with an old vinyl tablecloth and put him to bed with instructions to let me know if he needed anything. When I checked in on him before I went to bed, I immediately knew something was wrong when I found him balled up at the foot of the bed. Why he continues to throw up all over his pillow and not wail for me to come clean it up is beyond me, but he'd done it again. I threw in another load of wash, got him some fresh blankets and he made it through to morning none the worse for the wear, a little crusty vomit behind his ear notwithstanding. :) I hadn't been planning on a day off work like that so I am now further behind than ever, but it did give me a chance to catch up on a few things at home. The Christmas cards are all addressed and stamped and ready to go (save for a few where I am missing an address) and I also happened to get some oilcloth in the mail on Monday, and since I knew I didn't have to get up early Tuesday morning for work, I stayed up late and sewed a tablecloth for the kitchen table. Mallory has gouged a lovely series of holes in our antique table with the tines of her fork, and the finish on the table is starting to wear from the constant wiping down. I'm hoping the tablecloth helps on both fronts, though after the effort I put into it, I will be mighty upset with Mal if she starts poking holes in it.