Friday, November 14, 2008

The Christmas gift I bought for Mal for $69.99 is going back!

...because I just found it for almost HALF that in this week's Canadian Tire flyer. Woot!

ETA: I spoke too soon. This set is identical to the one I already picked up for her... except that it's missing the cradle, and while it's probably a better value... that cradle is too stinkin' cute... so I'm sticking with the original.


Dawn said...

so you Canadians have a place called "Canadian Tire" that doesn't just sell tires?
Kinda like our "Christmas Tree Shop" that doesn't sell Christmas trees?

Carrie said...

Canadian Tire used to sell tires. Now it sells more pots and pans, housewares, and toys than anything else... trying to lure the women who control the purse strings into the store!!