Thursday, December 04, 2008

If you're reading this, you'll know I survived

This was the scene on Saturday night as we sat waiting for the Santa Claus Parade to begin. Liam thought this was just about the greatest thing ever, packing on the clothes and sipping a Tim Horton's candy cane hot chocolate while sitting in a lawn chair on a street corner in the dark. Mallory... not so much. She was OK when the parade started, but grew a little restless by the end.

(Yes, that's a can of soup at Liam's feet. The parade was collecting for the food bank.)

On Sunday morning, we took the kids to McDonalds for breakfast. This was not because we thought we needed a good healthy meal (ha!); it was because the kids had started a collection of the Madagascar toys from the Happy Meals, and wanted to get a few more. So off we went. Mallory and I split a Happy Meal that had four pancakes in it; she ate half of one, and I ate one and a half. Liam, on his own, had the other two pancakes, an English muffin with jam, sausage, eggs, and a hash brown. It was such a ridiculous amount of food that I couldn't stop laughing as I watched him eating it. I think maybe this just served to egg him on, because after he finished eating it was clear that he was uncomfortably full. Oh well... that'll learn him.

I'm taking the day off tomorrow, and Saturday is our kids' holiday party. You'd think that having the day off would allow me to get ready for the party but really, I would probably be further ahead to send the kids to daycare that day and keep us all out of the house! Oh well. The kids will be too busy having fun to notice that the house is a wreck, and their moms are too good of friends to let on that they do notice.

Sunday is our company's kids' Christmas party and it's also the day we're planning to put up the tree. Let the festivities begin!