Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sunset on Braemar Blvd

We picked up the police car puzzle today. ($14.99 and not even in a BOX. I guess I will need to rig up a box with a complete image of the police car for Liam to follow.)
An eBay purchase for Mallory - her last outstanding gift - came in the mail yesterday.
The last-minute family Secret Santa gift has been purchased.
Liam is going to help me wrap some gifts he will be giving... tonight, maybe?
Though, we have presents from Cindy at home waiting for the kids, and he may lose all interest in wrapping once he sees there is unwrapping to do. :)
Girlfriend gifts are wrapped and ready to go.
Extended family gifts are wrapped and ready to go.
Kids stuff... all wrapped I think... though if anything doesn't fit into a stocking at the last minute, we'll have to wrap that and stick it under the tree as well.
Chad's stuff... not wrapped yet, and he knows where it is all hiding. Stay out of the cupboard, Chad!!
Still need to spend $5 on a gift at Dollarama (yes, it must come from Dollarama). No idea what to buy yet. :)
Last day of work tomorrow. Three days of travel to follow, then a blissed-out lazy stretch at home. I have a bunch of minor projects and one major project to work on over the holidays. Hoping to make some headway.