Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A present from me to you

Some holiday tuneage. These rotate heavily on my iTunes list while I wrap presents and delay the inevitable wrapping of presents by making headway on My Big Project (progress report to come after the holidays... I hope!)

It's funny how I'll listen to a holiday song from an artist I would never give my time to the other 11 months of the year. :)


Ainsley said...

Hi Carrie,

Best wishes to you all this Christmas. Your card is beautiful, as always!

I was looking at your pictures on Flickr, and it looks like your holidays have been wonderful so far, I hope it only gets better! I also noticed Katrina's beautiful ring - is it THE ring? ;o) Amy and her beau make a lovely couple! Please pass my best along to them.


Carrie said...

Yes, it's THE ring! That was the big news of our family's Christmas this year. They are thinking about a wedding in November 2009... you two will be able to compare notes!!