Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Not ready for his first exhibition just yet

I was so smitten with that Christmas tree that Liam drew the other day that, when we were out on the weekend running errands, I picked up a simple, cheap black document frame for it, and I popped it in when we got home. The drawing had been hanging on the magnet board in the mudroom, where it is prone to blowing down each time the garage door opens, and I thought it deserved some special care and preservation. I thought the drawing, frame and all, might get packed up in a rubber tote with all the Christmas decor in the new year, and that when Liam is 18 I could still pull it out each year and marvel at his little tree with the decorations and his earliest of signatures...

Well, then he saw his drawing in the frame. And he burst into tears.

I'm not sure what it is about the frame that has him so spooked, but the drawing is back on the magnet board, still blowing around each time the door opens, and the document frame is sitting empty. *Sigh* Chad tried explaining to him that we only frame the most special of pictures, and look around the house at all the other things in frames, etc., but Liam will have none of it.

I asked Liam if he would do a new Christmas drawing for me, one that I am allowed to put in the frame, and he said yes. But that was two days ago, and the drawing has yet to materialize. I may be out of luck on this one.


Dawn said...

I have never seen Shrek the Halls!!!!!!

Mandy said...

Maybe at the end of the season, when you're packing up the decorations he'll allow you to put it in the frame. In the meantime, maybe you could use your scanner so it's preserved on your computer just in case.