Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Monster of a day ahead

Tomorrow, I have to get the kids to Cindy's on my own since Chad is out of town, make sure I am not late getting to work because I am doing a presentation for 3 departments, meet with my VP to justify why I should get half a million dollars to spend on my project next year, contact my clients whether I get the go-ahead or not to share the news (and hopefully start the procurement process that needs to be completed by next week - eep!), get Liam to skating on time, and then collapse into bed. Consider this my post for the day while I am otherwise engaged.

OK, back to Powerpoint I go. I must be going a little stir-crazy right now because I am actually enjoying listening to Miley Cyrus singing Christmas tunes as I work.

(Guess who is out of a car seat now??)


Dawn said...

no way! He's only in a bottom booster? What are the laws in Canada? (just curious, not policing you!) I still have Noah in a carseat.....he's almost 7, here it's 8 years old or 80 pounds.
NONE of his friends are still in carseats!!!!!!!! I am just such a chicken to get rid of it.

Dawn said...

I have a nicely used brown and orange warmest jacket from the Gap for Liam.....trying to dig out the hood for ya! Gavin hates hoods so I unzipped it. I think it's in his closet, will look tonight! Would go so nice with those orange mittens and hat!

megan said...

The law is that you have to be over 40 lbs to get out of a full on car seat and over 80 (or over 8 years old) to get out of the booster seat.

Carrie said...

Thanks Megan - you saved me from looking it up.

Dawn - that would be awesome! It's funny, those are his hat and mitts from last year. He has new ones this year and he is totally not buying into wearing them - he prefers the old ones!