Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chatham. Not Chicago.

This weekend, Chad is taking off for a guys weekend. They're going to Chicago. This is the same group of friends he went to Las Vegas with a few years ago, and I figure if they all returned safely from Vegas of all places, they will surely all return safely from Chicago. Especially since now there are wives and kids in the picture all the way around.

Anyway, last night I told the kids that dad is going to be away this weekend and he is going to Chicago. I started to tell them about some of the fun stuff that we were going to do while dad was gone. We'll hit the park, we'll have pizza, we might watch a movie, we'll see Gramma and Grampa, good times all the way around.

But Mallory must remember our family trip to Chicago from six months ago, because she asked if dad would be going to the aquarium and the zoo, and despite my assurances that no... I don't think daddy and his friends are planning to go to the aquarium this weekend... as soon as Chad walked into the room, she asked him if she could go with him.

I need to up the ante a little... must find a way to make it worth her while to stay home with me!


megan said...

I guess it was in focus. Not bad considering the lack of cooperation :)

Carrie said...

There's another similar one that is also good. So, thank you! I hope to have the rest of the photos from the day to you this weekend. Forgot at the time of the shoot that you wanted something in landscape... at the very least I will focus on those first!