Saturday, November 14, 2009

Last call

I am in the midst of a marathon photo-editing session, having put the kids to bed three hours ago and now being housebound and having time on my hands. Just as I went to save "Barrs4crop" I got the dreaded message that I sort of knew was coming but hadn't checked on in a while... my hard drive is full. Of course this would happen just as I am trying to get 3 sessions out the door!

I am going to go back and delete some old (think 2005 & 2006) sessions... I think I have distributed these far and wide on CD, but if there's something you need, now is the time to ask... and then I'm going to pen a letter to the jolly old elf and let him know that on my wishlist this year is a 1.5 TB hard drive. Which, with the way technology moves these days, will be a tenth of the size of my current hard drive, which has only 1/3 that capacity. Crazy, isn't it??


Dawn said...

ack! That sucks! I just checked mine, still have room, thanks for the friendly reminder!