Thursday, June 03, 2010


Finally, things are back to normal and I have a little room to breathe, so it's time to catch up. On the weekend I turned 35... not a big number, but a semi-big number. (It's funny... this year Mallory turned 3 and Liam turned 5, and I have birthday photos of each of them holding their numbers. I suppose by rights I should do a session with myself and both numbers together, no??) I want to stress here that I am *ONLY* 35 because on Monday morning when I returned to work, a coworker who'd heard about my party came up and congratulated me on turning the big 4-0. I hope that's not because I am not aging well.Anyway, Chad managed to pull off a mostly-surprise party for me. I sort of kind of knew something was up, and started putting a few more pieces of the puzzle together the day prior, but he did all the legwork - invitations, caterer, cakes from my favourite bakery, etc. - on his own to win Husband of the Year. (Don't worry... retribution for his next milestone birthday is currently being planned. :) )
The house and yard were packed with many family and friends, new and old. It was great to see everyone and I felt very honoured that they all made the effort to come. Everyone is so busy, and as someone who can be very selfish with my time... I really appreciated the people who gave up a night and came, the people who travelled a distance to be here, and the people who are such great friends and make me feel so special. I felt very loved and grateful to know so many wonderful people.In fact, the next day, on my birthday proper, the kids were out of the house and Chad was watching the French Open. I headed out for a bike ride and reflected on where I am at 35 and I felt pretty lucky indeed. I think I can confidently say that there is no place else I would rather be right now.(I'm still soliciting for photos from the night... I was having too much fun to take very many once the event was underway!)


Jennifer said...

BINGO! that pic of the three kiddos is PERFECT!! I need a copy of that one (and I think Gramma and Grampa need a replacement for their "Children of the Corn" picture they have on display;)

Carrie said...

Agreed! :) I will email you. Can you email me the ones you have, too? Can't get them from your blog!