Tuesday, June 29, 2010

From the sidelines

Liam had some visitors at his soccer game last weekend... Cousin Ethan came to watch him.For some reason, that was really, really funny.Mallory wanted to hold Ethan during the game and when he went off to do something else, she came up and whispered in my ear, "Can I hold him again?" He is gaining on her quickly so we'll have to fit in the holding while we still can.It was a lot easier to get a good shot of one or the other of them, than it was to get one of the two of them together.


Jennifer said...

so cute! :)

(Ethan looks HUGE sitting on Mal's lap...he is gaining on her, and a little too quickly for my liking!)

Dawn said...

He is a CUTIE!!! Carrie, i do believe in number three you must have upset him, he's flipping you the bird...incognito like.

Carrie said...

I noticed that too Dawn! I will have to give him a talking-to the next time I see him!